Published On: Thu, May 6th, 2021

Wipro, Transcell Oncologics to transform safety assessment of vaccines

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has entered into a partnership with Transcell Oncologics with an objective to transform safety assessments of vaccines by leveraging augmented intelligence (AI).

The partnership will bring together the technology of Transcell Oncologics with the advanced augmented intelligence capabilities of for enhancing the safety of vaccination programs across the world.

Dr. Subhadra Dravida – Founder and CEO of Transcell Oncologics said: “This exciting partnership combines the biotechnology capabilities of Transcell Oncologics’s Transtoxbio vertical with the advanced augmented intelligence capabilities of Wipro HOLMES.

“Deriving new and advanced insights from the use of stem cells in an in vitro setting transforms vaccine safety assessment. This breakthrough process will lead to new medical treatments and accelerate innovation and vaccine availability that is vital to saving lives.”

Wipro, Transcell Oncologics to transform safety assessment of vaccines

Wipro, Transcell Oncologics to transform safety assessment of vaccines

With the application of augmented intelligence to the vaccine development process, Wipro’s solution is said to be capable of predicting adverse neurovirulent effects associated with vaccinations.

Presently, safety assessment of vaccines usually includes testing on animals for measuring adverse impacts. By using Wipro HOLMES artificial intelligence and automation platform, researchers and biopharma companies will gain a new and fully feasible solution and alternative, said Wipro.

Wipro HOLMES can also be incorporated into any existing workflow, including quality control tests in production of vaccines, batchwise release, and other safety evaluation assays.

The partnership between Wipro and Transcell Oncologics will also expand the Wipro HOLMES solutions available to life science firms. The solution applies augmented intelligence for repurposing and Messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA) based platform for biodefense.

Furthermore, the solution also facilitates the testing of new vaccines through the application of augmented intelligence to stem cell research and measurement of safety and potency.

Wipro said that this is the first of several next generation solutions that the partnership will provide for determining the safety and efficacy of a variety of products from vaccines to prescription medications, cosmetics, and others.

Harmeet Chauhan – Global Head – Engineering and R&D at Wipro said: “Enhancing neurovirulence safety assessment through augmented intelligence is a huge step forward in vaccine research and development. This innovative technology allows life science companies and vaccine manufacturers to develop, trial and release safer and more effective vaccines for people around the world.

“Our partnership with Transcell Oncologics will bring the best of AI and stem cell technology to researchers, medical professionals and ultimately patients through safe, accelerated vaccination programs.”

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