Published On: Sun, Mar 11th, 2018

Wartsila signs $123m contract for AGL Energy’s Barker Inlet Power Station

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Power solutions provider Wartsila has signed a $123 million worth EPC contract for the 211MW Barker Inlet Power Station, a new fired power plant in Australia owned by AGL .

Under the terms of the EPC contract, the -based Wartsila will a dozen 50DF dual-fuel engines for the new $234 million South Australian power plant, which broke ground last month.

The dual fuel engines for the new AGL gas fired power station – will be delivered by Wartsila towards the end of 2018.

Wartsila says that it has been given a notice to proceed by AGL Energy and that it has started the project execution work.

Construction of the South Australian power station on Torrens Island near will involve about 200 personnel.

Commenting on the signing of the EPC contract of the Barker Inlet Power Station, Javier Cavada – President, Wartsila Energy Solutions, said: “We are pleased that the full go-ahead for this project has been given, and that the project execution work is now underway.

“The Wartsila Smart Power Generation solution, with its high efficiency, fast response and flexible capacity, will enable AGL to provide increased reliability and security of supply to the South Australian power system with increasing renewable penetration while reducing costs and lowering emissions.”

Wartsila and AGL Energy officials sign the EPC contract for the Barker Inlet Power Station, a new new South Australian gas fired power station.

Wartsila and AGL Energy officials sign the EPC contract for the Barker Inlet Power Station, a new new . Photo courtesy of 2018 Wärtsilä.

Wartsila will deliver the 50DF dual-fuel engines and other equipment of the new South Australian power plant towards the end of 2018 with an aim to make the Barker Inlet Power Station fully operational in the second half of next year.

The Barker Inlet gas fired power plant is being built near the iconic 1.28GW Torrens Island Power Station. It will replace a couple of the four Torrens A turbines of the Torrens Island power plant. AGL Energy plans to mothball the two Torrens A turbines gradually from 1 July 2019.

The Wartsila dual fuel engines to be supplied for the new South Australian gas fired power station – Barker Inlet Power Station will be fueled mainly on natural gas, and will also be capable of being run on liquid fuel if the situation demands.

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