Published On: Sat, Feb 23rd, 2013

Walking is the simple and easiest exercise for Weight Loss

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What is the importance of Physical Exercise?

Physical exercise is an important activity for keeping the body fit and healthy. It keeps the body flexible and energetic. There are several methods to exercise, but out of all is the most simple and easiest exercise which can be performed by all ages.

Walking is the best Exercise

Walking is the best Exercise

It is an aerobic exercise similar to swimming and bicycling. By walking more oxygen is supplied to the muscles and all organs of the body, which helps in burning excess calories. Therefore it prevents obesity, and controls .

What are the advantages of walking?

  • Walking keeps the individuals healthy.
  • Obese people cannot handle heavy jobs and they are prone more for diseases like heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Therefore walking combined with regular diet plan reduces excess weight and keeps the body fit.

How to take up to walking?

  • Walking can be done by all age groups of people however it is advised to consult a physician before taking up to walking.
  • Plan slowly starting from 15 minutes and increasing to 45-60 minutes walking per day in about six weeks time. This is especially true with senior citizens.
  • While walking, wear a comfortable loose dress and a low heel shoe.
  • Choose to walk in the morning hours or evening hours for atleast one and half hour.
  • Don’t be over anxious and exert yourself during walking. Slow and steady walking helps to improve day by day. Brisk walking exerts you very much and become tired. Therefore don’t push too much for a speedy walk. A moderate speed about 3 km per hour is sufficient for any body.
  • Slowly develop the regularity in walking so that it becomes a healthy habit to get rid off the excess weight in a natural way.
  • Walking has many health benefits like lowering your blood pressure and helps to reduce your weight.

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