Published On: Thu, May 27th, 2021

Visaka Industries forays into retail, EV charging, and building project businesses

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Visaka Industries said that it will foray into various new business segments which complement and support its existing businesses by extending customer touchpoints and in providing a holistic value proposition.

The building materials company has launched – , ATUMCharge, and Vnext Solutions, its respective new businesses for retail store chain, electric charging stations, and turnkey building projects using sustainable building materials.

ATUMLife will be Visaka Industries’ chain of retail stores which will offer 100% sustainable, eco-friendly, green products.

The new retail store chain will deal with Vnext sustainable building material, ATUMsolar roof, eco-friendly apparel, organic detergents, electric vehicles, sustainable consumables, and reusable cutlery and kitchenware.

Visaka Industries intends to open 10 ATUMLife stores in major metro cities across .

Another new business will be ATUMCharge, which will be a self-sustaining solar powered charging station. ATUMCharge will be established across India, and in other parts of the world.

ATUMCharge will also explore partnership with other electric charging station providers who are in the market or are likely to foray in the near future.

Visaka Industries’ electric stations will be powered by ATUM integrated solar roof and will be fabricated using Vnext boards.

Visaka Industries forays into retail, EV charging, and building project businesses

Visaka Industries forays into retail, EV charging, and building project businesses. Photo courtesy of Free-Photos from Pixabay

During the first phase, Visaka Industries will establish 10 ATUMCharge EV charging stations across key metros. The charging stations can be used by all EVs including electric cars, electric scooters, and electric bikes.

Vnext Solutions is an extension to the company’s range of Vnext fibre cement boards, which are claimed to be a sustainable alternate to plywood and gypsum.

The new business aims at offering turnkey solutions for a wide variety of building needs ranging from pre-fabricated buildings to requirements for interior furniture.

– Joint Managing Director, Visaka Industries said: “The new business areas -ATUMLife, ATUMCharge and Vnext Solutions – augment our existing businesses, but more importantly they define a viable roadmap for our future.

“We continue to be driven by our sustainability ethos which dictates our business objectives. our goal is to make Visaka Industries Limited a predominantly green company with products and services which are environment friendly and sustainable.”

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