Published On: Sat, Mar 27th, 2021

Vibrant raises $7.5m for vibrating capsule for constipation treatment

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, an Israeli developer of treatments of constipation relief and other gastrointestinal problems, has raised $7.5 million in a Series E funding round led by .

The Israeli company is said to have developed a non-drug treatment for people living with chronic constipation and have the common side effects resulting from traditional medications, which include unexpected diarrhea.

According to Vibrant, its vibrating capsule when swallowed triggers the natural impulses of the intestinal wall to contract, relax, and help in bowel movements without the use of chemicals.

Vibrant raises $7.5m for vibrating capsule for constipation treatment

Vibrant raises $7.5m for vibrating capsule for constipation treatment. Photo courtesy of Markus Winkler from Pixabay.

Lior Ben-Tsur – Vibrant CEO said: “More than 35 million Americans suffer from chronic constipation, and it’s past time to create real solutions for this serious problem that prevents people from leading active lifestyles.”

Vibrant said that its constipation treatment candidate is in its third round of trials with the (). The Israeli company also said that it is engaging actively with physicians and insurers for the expected launch of the constipation product.

Carey Smith – Unorthodox Ventures Founding Contrarian said: “At Unorthodox Ventures, we look for companies that are going against the norm.

“Vibrant is a solution unlike any other available today, and we look forward to helping them bring it to market in the U.S. and assist those who have suffered for far too long.”

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