Published On: Mon, Jun 7th, 2021

Uoni launches Robot Vacuum V980 Plus in US

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Home cleaning solutions provider Uoni has introduced a new smart home cleaning robot vacuum called Robot Vacuum V980 Plus in the US.

The Uoni Robot Vacuum V980 Plus features a customized 8th-generation lidar navigating system and also an ASAR-V9 dynamic route planning system. The smart vacuum cleaner is equipped with 25 sets of sensors that ensure meticulous cleaning with an efficient cleaning plan, and detection of obstacles, said Uoni.

Uoni CEO said: “During the last 18 months, cleaning has become integral to daily life as people have been working-from-home and doing their best to keep their homes free from illness-causing elements, and we know cleaning can be stressful and time-consuming, which is where the team at Uoni is looking to make a difference with -free cleaning.”

The V980 Plus robot vacuum is designed to operate independently and does not need human supervision, unlike the early generation vacuums. Additionally, the Uoni smart home cleaning robot vacuum comes with a special antibacterial mop to clean and effectively prevent the growth of .

Uoni launches Robot Vacuum V980 Plus in the US

Uoni launches Robot Vacuum V980 Plus in the US. Photo courtesy of Uoni.

Uoni said that the V980 Plus robot vacuum cleaner is fitted with a Japanese NIDEC brushless motor that sweeps away dust, large and small particles easily.

The smart vacuum cleaner also has the V980 PLUS Self-Emptying Dustbin option, which adopts advanced automatic dust collection technology to provide cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and waste disposal functions.

The self-emptying dustbin has an ultra-high power dust collector for collecting dust in 10 seconds and also a waste disposal rate of 99%.

The Uoni Robot Vacuum V980 Plus has a 4.3l capacity activated carbon dust bag that seals up and collects waste for up to 30 days.

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