Published On: Fri, Oct 23rd, 2020

University of Liverpool, A2E launch Robotiz3d for automating road maintenance

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, a new spin out company from the University of Liverpool has been jointly created alongside A2E for advancing a new technology that can potentially address road maintenance issues.

Based at the Sci-Tech Daresbury Science and Technology Campus in Halton, Cheshire, England, the company will secure investment from the Enterprise Investment Fund of the University of Liverpool in addition to private equity investment from A2E, a -based product development and design services company.

Anthony Hollander – Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Impact at the University of Liverpool said: “The University of Liverpool is committed to working with industry to put high-quality research results on a commercialisation path. By partnering with a2e, and putting solid investment behind Robotiz3d, we are aiming to make a real difference to the economy, society, and the environment”.

Robotiz3d team will be engaged in commercializing patented research from the University of Liverpool’s Engineering Robotics Lab.

The technology is said to leverage and robotics to considerably enhance the manner in which road defects such as road cracks and potholes, are identified and repaired.

University of Liverpool and A2E have created a new joint venture called Robotiz3d for automating road maintenance

The University of Liverpool and A2E have created a new joint venture called Robotiz3d for automating road maintenance. Photo courtesy of University of Liverpool.

Presently, there are no autonomous technology solutions in the UK that can address the pothole crisis which is affecting several parts of the country, said the University of Liverpool. Furthermore, the costs of repairing potholes in the UK is projected to have been over £1billion over the last decade.

– co-founder and CEO of Robotiz3d said: “This is an exciting new spin out to take forward. The team at Robotiz3d has the expertise and experience in robotics and AI to deliver the project and introduce world-leading innovation to the management of roads and highways.

“We have developed a robust business plan to take forward the portfolio of Robotiz3d envisaged products.”

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