Published On: Wed, Sep 25th, 2019

University Hospitals to improve patient care through NextGen data-driven solution

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University Hospitals System, , US, has chosen NextGen Population Health to improve patient care.

Data-driven solution offers patient analytics, identifies gaps in care or practice pattern variations, and improves proactive patient health management.

Peter Pronovost – chief clinical transformation officer, University Hospitals said: “One of the ways we can provide the best health outcome and the best patient experience at the lowest annual cost is by keeping our patients healthy at home.

“To facilitate this objective, we have invested in technologies like NextGen Healthcare that help us in our endeavor to improve population health.”

Integrating with most electronic health records (EHRs) and health information exchanges, the NextGen Healthcare solution considers claims data from payers and information contained in patients’ medical records to classify health care gaps.

University Hospitals to improve patient care through NextGen data-driven solution

University Hospitals to improve patient care through NextGen data-driven solution. Photo courtesy of Eric Hanson/

Mark Schario, vice president of Population Health, University Hospitals said: “NextGen Population Health is agnostic and integrates with our EHR.

“Through the solution’s robust data analytics, our primary care providers will be able to quickly recognize and capture care gaps and potential health risks at the point of care, which will translate into optimal care delivery for today’s patients.

“And because the tool also pulls from payer claims data, we obtain a more comprehensive patient health history, including tests and treatments conducted outside our health system, so we can avoid costly duplicative testing.”

Annually, US$192 billion is spent on healthcare overtreatment and approximately US$200 billion is wasted on avoidable medical tests and treatments, according to NextGen Healthcare.

University Hospitals with 28,000 physicians and employees operates 18 hospitals, over 50 health centers and outpatient facilities and more than 200 physician offices in 16 counties throughout northern Ohio.

US-based NextGen Healthcare is a provider of ambulatory-focused technology solutions that help increase clinical productivity and improve the patient experience.

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