Published On: Tue, Feb 4th, 2020

Turmeric health benefits – Ways to use turmeric for best results

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Turmeric, known as haldi is a well known spice and is used in everyday life for its medicinal properties and benefits.

Turmeric is a common ingredient in cooking and also in beauty packs. It has medicinal properties for maintaining health.

Turmeric is used as flavouring and colouring agent in many Asian cuisines. Turmeric is a natural pain reliever. It also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and aid in and for pimples.

Turmeric consists of a chemical compound known as curcumin which has many health benefits. Turmeric can be consumed in the form of a drink also that help you to maintain good health and boost your metabolism.

Turmeric milk

Turmeric milk is an age old proven recipe for different kinds of ailments. Drinking turmeric milk can help you to get rid of many ailments for even cold and . Drink turmeric milk before bedtime to get a good . It repairs tissue loss and helps in speedy recovery. Add a pinch of turmeric to boiled milk to get rid of cold and flu.

Turmeric detox water

Turmeric detox water is prepared by mixing turmeric, honey and juice and boil together. Drink this water early in the morning to get maximum health benefits. It gives you refreshment.

Turmeric soup

Add turmeric to soups like , mushroom, chicken or any other soup that you like. Soups are known to soothe the throat. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to the soup and boil it along with other soup ingredients.

Turmeric tea

Most of the Indian start their day with a cup of hot tea or . Tea is known for its health benefits and you can make it much healthier by adding a pinch of turmeric while making tea.  Boil some turmeric with usual tea leaves in the water. You can now have a sip of hot turmeric tea.

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