Published On: Sat, May 9th, 2020

Toast Distillers to launch coconut water based Toast Vodka in Canada

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Miami-based spirits conglomerate said that its Toast Vodka, which is made with unflavored coconut water, will expand into , a new international market for the brand.

Starting from this month, the 100% corn-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and six-times distilled vodka, will specifically add distribution in the province region of Ontario. Halpern Enterprises, a -based wholesaler and retailer, will execute the distribution of Toast Vodka.

Dieuveny Jean Louis – founder and CEO of Toast Distillers said: “Our goal has always been to expand our international footprint to accommodate the consumers’ increasing love for Toast vodka, our ultra-premium vodka.

“With their impressive sales force and deep penetration, Halpern Enterprises was a clear choice as a partner and we look forward to continued growth within Canada.”

Halpern Enterprises has been engaged in importing fine wines and spirits into Canada for more than 65 years, making it one of the oldest firms of its kind in the market.

Toast Distillers to launch coconut water based Toast Vodka in Canada. Photo courtesy of Toast Distillers, Inc.

Toast Distillers, on the other hand, specializes in internally developing brands and also enabling the branding and distribution requirements of other specialty spirits companies. Products of the spirits conglomerate include a complete range of ultra-premium to midline and well-line spirits products for vodka, rum, whiskey, , and tequila.

Colin Halpern – Vice President of Halpern Enterprises said: “Halpern Enterprises is constantly on the lookout for new, unique brands that are top quality to bring to Ontario, which is what we found in Toast Vodka.

“We are excited to work with Mr. Louis and his team to introduce this ultra-premium brand to the Canadian market.”

Toast Distillers said that apart from its global expansion, its subsidiary – The Miami Distilling Company has recently started the production and shipment of hand sanitizer to address the increasing local and national demand in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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