Published On: Sat, Jun 5th, 2021

Tinkoff launches free voice assistant Oleg for Russian mobile phone users

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Russian digital bank has rolled out a beta version of Oleg, its free powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and , to all residents of Russia using mobile phones.

The voice assistant of the Russian online bank has been designed to safeguard users from spammers and fraudsters.

According to Tinkoff, the smart personal assistant is now available to customers of various services within its ecosystem and also to subscribers of any Russian mobile operator.

The Oleg voice assistant can be activated easily in the Tinkoff super app and also through Telegram, VKontakte, and other popular messengers.

It can answer, record and transcribe calls which include those from unknown numbers. Besides, the free voice assistant can also talk with callers and recognize their speech for activating the required conversation scripts.

Tinkoff launches free voice assistant Oleg for Russian mobile phone users

Tinkoff launches free voice assistant Oleg for Russian mobile phone users. Image courtesy of Tinkoff Bank.

The Oleg smart personal assistant has special functions for guarding people from dangerous, undesirable, or annoying calls from fraudsters and spammers.

It has scripts for useful calls, spammers, and possible fraudsters and can presently respond to over 100 different call scenarios.

Stanislav Bliznyuk – Chairman of the Management Board, Tinkoff said: “Today people in Russia have two big problems while making and receiving calls on mobile phones: spammers who inundate them with calls and fraudsters who try to deceive them.

“This is why we decided to train Oleg to turn it into a wall between mobile subscribers and undesirable calls, and open it to subscribers of all mobile operators.

“We noticed that people have a real problem for which we have an excellent fintech solution.”

Oleg’s future version will be able to recognize unwanted calls in real time and redirect them automatically from customers of Tinkoff and Tinkoff Mobile subscribers.

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