Published On: Mon, Sep 7th, 2020

Thermal Energy Partners, Schlumberger New Energy form GeoFrame Energy

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Thermal Partners (TEP) has joined forces with Schlumberger New Energy, a new Schlumberger business, to create a geothermal project development company called .

The new geothermal power developer will make use of its partners’ expertise to develop efficient and profitable geothermal power generation projects across the world to offer reliable, renewable energy with baseload and also load following capabilities.

Ashok Belani – executive vice president of Schlumberger New Energy said: “Through GeothermEx, a Schlumberger company, we have acquired extensive knowledge of geothermal resource assessment and project design implementation.

“By combining our geothermal, subsurface and drilling expertise with TEP’s experience in project development and risk mitigation, we will develop de-risked and streamlined geothermal projects on a global scale.”

The first project for GeoFrame Energy will be the 10MW Nevis Geothermal Power Project to be developed on the Nevis island in the Caribbean.

The is expected to help the island to transition to 100% zero-emission renewable energy for the supply of its electricity.

Thermal Energy Partners, Schlumberger New Energy form GeoFrame Energy

Thermal Energy Partners, Schlumberger New Energy form GeoFrame Energy. Photo courtesy of WikiImages from Pixabay.

GeoFrame Energy will have additional opportunities to grow production in the Eastern Caribbean and in North and South America, said the partners.

Bruce Cutright – CEO of Thermal Energy Partners said: “We are thrilled with this partnership. GeoFrame Energy will focus on quickly reaching our first milestone of 100 MWs of geothermal generation capacity. The combined experience and expertise in drilling, reservoir identification and assessment and project execution provide an unequalled opportunity for the success of the new company.”

GeoFrame Energy is expected to benefit from its founding firms’ project execution, drilling, subsurface evaluation, and digital technology integration expertise, combined with systems engineering, data analytics, modeling, and capabilities.

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