Published On: Mon, Sep 10th, 2018

The Five Most Common Injuries Suffered by Cricketers

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No matter what your position is on the field, the game of cricket is inherently repetitive. This means that cricketers commonly suffer from the same injuries. Whether the injury is acute or chronic, it can make playing the game incredibly painful.

Here are the five most common injuries sustained by cricketers and a few treatment and prevention tips.

Our shoulders have a massive range of movement. It allows us to move our arms in multiple directions. Cricket players are especially at risk to shoulder injuries due to the often repetitive nature of the sport. Sudden impact and overall muscle fatigue that results from hours on the field can all contribute to pain.

The most effective way to protect shoulders from injury is through strengthening and flexibility exercises. Both Pilates and are highly recommended to prevent injury and recover strength post-injury.

Twisted or Sprained Ankle

A common injury in many sports, the nature of cricket makes ankle sprain highly likely. Gameplay requires players to change direction instantly, twisting quickly to throw or catch balls. That momentum carries the body forward even after the player has changed direction. This results in ankles being bent further than they should.

Players often apply strapping or a brace to give ankles more support and protect them from injury.


Even though cricket is not a contact sport it still offers excellent online betting opportunities as when you put a high-speed hardball and people in close proximity and contusions are the inevitable result.

Other than staying sharp throughout the game, PPE is the only protection available. Personal protection equipment includes gloves, helmets, and padded shin pads.

Lower Back Ache

A result of batting, diving to catch the ball and long hours standing, lower back muscles often bear the brunt in cricket. Pain, inflammation, slipped discs and pulled ligaments are all common in players.

Ensuring adequate rest between games to give the muscles time to recuperate is essential. Flexibility exercises can also go a long way in preventing injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment options include applying heat or cold, rest, or surgery.

A common injury in bowlers, side strain affects the oblique muscles in the body. Fast bowlers are bowling at speeds that exceed 150km/h. That is a massive amount of strain on the bodies sides. Overuse and fatigue are the main culprits in this injury.

Rest and flexibility training is recommended.

Whether you are playing competitively or just for fun, prevention is always better than cure. Listen to your body and ensure that you are fit and healthy enough to participate.

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