Published On: Sat, Jan 27th, 2018

Tesco job cuts 2018 : British retailer Tesco to lay off 1,700 employees

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job cuts 2018 : British grocery store chain Tesco is set to lay off as many as 1,700 employees to streamline its operational structures for better efficiency and provide its line managers more accountability for colleague and customer experience.

On the brighter side, the grocery store chain will be creating 900 new roles to offset the Tesco layoffs 2018.

Tesco Job Cuts 2018

The Tesco job losses 2018 will also see the removal of people manager and compliance manager roles across 757 of its large grocery stores and seven fulfillment centers.

Another role that will go in Tesco is the customer experience manager post which is present across 226 stores. This move is expected to give line managers more direct accountability for customer service, on par with all other Tesco stores.

Tesco Crediton Store

Tesco Crediton Store in the UK pictured in March 2010. Photo courtesy of Roger Cornfoot/

The impacted 1,700 employees, that are part of the Tesco redundancies 2018, will be assisted to find alternative jobs within the group wherever feasible, said the British retailer.

On the other hand, the Tesco new jobs will be created as People Partners, Colleague Relations Partners and Learning Partners in multiple locations throughout stores, distribution and fulfillment, said the UK retailer. A new role in the form of colleague administration will be created as part of this, to help management teams in each large store and retail fulfillment center.

Commenting on Tesco job cuts 2018, Matt Davies – CEO of Tesco UK and ROI, said: “These changes remove complexity and will deliver a simpler, more helpful experience for colleagues and customers. We recognise these are difficult changes to make but they are necessary to ensure our business remains competitive and set up for the future.

“Our priority now is to support affected colleagues through these changes in any way we can. We hope to retain as many colleagues as possible in the new roles we have created and in the vacancies we currently have available.”

Usdaw, a popular British trade union has pledged its support to its members who will be impacted by the Tesco job losses 2018.

Pauline Foulkes – Usdaw National officer, commenting on the Tesco job cuts 2018, said: “This is a further upheaval for Tesco managers and we will be entering into individual consultation with the company on behalf of Usdaw members who are affected by these changes.

“We are providing Usdaw members with the support, advice and representation they require through this process. Our priorities are to minimise redundancies and help our members stay employed in a suitable role within the business if they choose to do so.”

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