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Spearmint (Mentha) – Chemical Constituents and Uses

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(en) Spearmint (Mentha spicata) (de) de:Grüne ...

(en) Spearmint () (de) de:Grüne Minze (Mentha spicata) Aufnahmeort: Schweiz Bearbeitung: GIMP Kontrast angepasst (Kurven) Helligkeitswert angepasst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Biological Source, Distribution and Synonyms of Spearmint:

Spearmint consists of the dried leaves and flowering tops of the plant, Mentha spicate, Mentha cardiaca or Mentha virdis of the family Labiatae.

It is known as spearmint leaves, mint, mentha virdis, stotch spearmint and common spearmint. Spearmint is mainly cultivated in North America and Asia. It is indigenous to Europe. The commercial cultivation is carried out in Washington, , , Idaho and Yakima. The leaves of mint are green to dark green in colour with aromatic taste and aromatic odour.

Chemical constituents of Spearmint:

Mentha mainly contains volatile oil, resin and tannins. The volatile content contains carvone, linalool, pinene, cineole and phellandrene. The oil is yellow in colour and is obtained by steam distillation of the herb.

Uses of Spearmint:

  • Carminative
  • Flavouring agent for -pastes, mouth-washes, chewing gums.
  • It is also used for sauces as flavour
  • It is used in for flavour
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