Published On: Sat, Apr 27th, 2019

Soylent launches plant-based Soylent Squared nutrition bars in US

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Nutrition, the company behind Soylent Drinks and Powder, has launched Soylent Squared nutrition bar in the US to expand its portfolio of plant based nutrition bars.

Soylent Squared is claimed by the plant based nutrition company to be the first 100 calorie mini meal bar. The new plant based nutrition bar is engineered to be packed with 5g of plant protein, 36 essential nutrients, and probiotics aimed at digestive health.

The new Soylent Squared nutrition bar is available in three flavors – Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel and Citrus Berry plant based nutrition bars. Soylent Squared is available in cases of 30 bars. Each case is priced at $30 and can be purchased online from the website of the plant based nutrition company.

Soylent Squared nutrition bar - chocolate brownie flavor

Soylent Squared nutrition bar – chocolate brownie flavor. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Commenting on the launch of the Soylent Squared mini meal bar, Bryan Crowley – Soylent CEO said: “There are a lot of bars out there but most are high in , use less sustainable animal-derived protein and often lack the nutrients that your body needs to thrive. We developed Soylent Squared to allow our customers to portion out the nutrition they need when they need it; you can enjoy 1-2 for a healthy snack or 3-4 for a complete meal.”

Prior to the launch of the Soylent Squared nutrition bar, the US plant based nutrition company, in January, launched its 11 ounce drink, Soylent Bridge, the in between meal protein shake. Soylent said that the back to back launches show its seriousness to grow its plant based nutrition portfolio into new formats and usage occasions.

Bryan Crowley said: “Some of our best product ideas have come straight from our customers, so we’re excited for them to try Squared. We’re also looking forward to building our customer base with the launch of our new convenient, healthy and more sustainable nutrition bar.”

Soylent Squared nutrition facts

As as Soylent Squared nutrition facts are concerned, the new mini meal bar has a balance of macronutrients combined with 36 essential nutrients, which includes 26 and minerals, nine amino acids, a couple of essential fatty acids – omega-3 and omega-6.

Soylent Squared nutrition bar also has probiotics which will aid the consumer’s digestive health. The new mini meal bar contains 3g of sugar, which Soylent says is lesser than most .

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