Published On: Mon, Mar 30th, 2020

Southern Distilling moves to hand sanitizer production amid coronavirus outbreak

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US craft distiller Southern Distilling Company said that it has temporarily shifted its focus from producing alcoholic beverages to hand sanitizer in quantities in an effort to address the shortage of the product owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Southern Distilling Company’s distillery is said to have the facility and warehousing capacity to manufacture substantial quantities of hand sanitizer for distribution to care facilities, first responders,  essential businesses, and other agencies that need the product at this time. The craft distiller will focus first on the demand emerging from its home state of North Carolina.

Following the temporary closure of local restaurants and bars, as well as its own tasting room, Southern Distilling Company’s manufacturing shift has generated new jobs for displaced service industry workers.

The craft distiller said that its initial manufacturing run will produce hand sanitizer refills in 32 oz. HDPE bottles. With 80% alcohol and manufactured to the approved World Health Organization (WHO) hand sanitizer formula, the product is priced at $14.99 per bottle for commercial use only.

Southern Distilling moves from whisky production to hand sanitizers

Southern Distilling moves from whisky production to hand sanitizers. Photo courtesy of Southern Distilling Company.

Southern Distilling Company will offer standard shipping by FedEx package or freight service at the shipper’s rates.

The craft distiller will weigh requests for alternative packaging sizes, remaining flexible to address the shifting needs. The alcoholic beverage producer said that bulk 55-gallon drums are available for $2,970 each apart from 270-gallon IBC totes.

– co-owner of Southern Distilling Company said: “We hope that our efforts and those of other distilleries across the country to be part of the solution to this hand sanitizer shortage will help meet the current needs of our local communities and beyond. We are all in this fight together.”

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