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Solanum surattense gives relief from urinary disorders

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Solanum surattense common name is Kantakari and is used as diuretic to get relief from urinary disorders. Solanum surattense hindi name is Bhatkatayia mool.

Source, Morphology and Distribution of Solanum:

Biological Name : The Binomial name of Kantakari is Solanum surattense

Family : Kantakari belongs to the family Solanaceae

Synonyms of Solanum :

  • Hindi – Bhatkatayia mool
  • Sanskrit – Kantakari
  • English – Kantakari
  • Bengali – Kantakaari mool
  • Gujarati – Bhoyaringaninu jar
  • Tamil – Kandangattari vera
  • Telugu – Challanmulaga veru
Solanum virginianum

Solanum virginianum (Photo credit: dinesh_valke)

The trade name of solanum is kateli ki jar. Kantakari is a prickly, much branched herb, spreads diffusely and young branches are densely covered with minute star shaped hairs, yellow shining prickles. They contain purple flowers. It is grown throughout the on waste lands and on road sides. The whole plant is useful.

Solanum Properties:

  • Carminative
  • Expectorant
  • Diuretic
  • Febrifuge
  • Bitter
  • Digestive
  • Alterant
  • Astringent

Phytochemicals of Solanum:

The phytochemicals which are present in the kantakari are alkaloids.

Forms of use:

It is used in the form of powder and decoction.

Solanum or Kantakari Benefits

Medicinal uses of Solanum in treating Urinary Disorders

  • Solanum acts as a diuretic.
  • It is useful in concretions and stones in bladders.

Solanum Uses

  • The decoction of the plant is useful in gonorrhea.
  • To treat rheumatism, the decoction of the plant can be used.
  • If these fruits are made into a fine powder and mixed with honey, it cures chronic cough in children.
  • The drug is used in cough, asthma, chest pain, fever and sore throat.

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