Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

Skyline Renewables acquires Whirlwind Energy wind farm project in Texas

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Wind industry news : , a newly created US renewable platform has opened its account by acquiring the operating 60MW project in Floyd County, from Renewable Energy Systems Americas Development for an undisclosed price.

The new renewable platform has been formed through a partnership between Ardian Infrastructure and Transatlantic Power Holdings (TPH), with focus on acquiring operating and development onshore wind projects.

The Whirlwind Energy wind farm project, which it has bagged, is made up of 26 SWT-2.3-93 wind turbines from .

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Mathias Burghardt – Member of the Executive Committee, Head of Ardian Infrastructure, commenting on the launch of Skyline Renewables, said: “Ardian Infrastructure stands for innovation and the careful pursuit of superior returns. It is important for us to work with experienced local partners, and as we carefully expand Ardian’s activities in the North American market, we are delighted to partner with TPH which has an established track record of excellence in US renewables.”

Skyline Renewables has also plans to develop an independent renewable power platform with a installed capacity of 3GW in North America.

Martin Mugica, the Founder, President and CEO of TPH has been named as the CEO of Skyline Renewables.

Commenting on the launch of Skyline Renewables, Martin Mugica, said: “Our partnership with Ardian, a company known for its sophisticated understanding of the infrastructure market, has provided both the and support to deliver on our strategy for building a leading North American power producer.

“There are great opportunities ahead and we are looking forward to taking advantage of them with Ardian’s full support.”

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