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Significance of Woven Dressings and Technical Terms describing Surgical Dressings

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How are Woven dressings Prepared? What are the different types of woven dressings available in the market?

Woven dressings are prepared by using cotton, silk and . They should comply with the requirements. Some of the woven dressings which are available in the market are:

  1. Absorbent Lint: It is made of cotton cloth of plain weave from the warp yarn of which a nap has been raised.
  2. Flannel Bandage: It consists of a raised fabric of plain weave and it is entirely made up of wool.
  3. Domette Bandage: It consists of a combination of fabric of plain weave, where the warp yarn are of cotton and weft yarns are made up of wool.
  4. Crepe Bandage: It consists of fabric of plain weave, warp threads are of cotton and wool, where as the weft threads are entirely made of only cotton.


    NORVIC CRÊPE BANDAGE (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

  5. Gauge and Cellulose wadding tissue: Cellulose tissue consists of thick layer of cellulose wadding enclosed in tubular absorbent gauze.

Few technical terms which describe :

  • Staple: Alternative term for fibre
  • Neps: These are knots or tangled masses of fibres which are visible to naked eye. They may be produced in cotton during growth or when it becomes damp
  • Yarn: Term applied to thread spun from the fibres
  • Yarn Count: It is the weight in grams of 1 kilometer of yarn. It is used as a measure of thickness.
  • Union fabric: It is the fabric composed of two kinds of yarn like cotton and wool
  • Warp and weft: The threads in fabric running lengthwise are referred as warp or ends, while those crossing them at right angles are weft
  • Plain weave: A weave in which the threads pass alternatively over and under the threads running at right angle
  • Twist: It refers to direction of twisting the fibres while spinning the yarn. Twist to the right is called “z” twist while twist to the left is called “s” twist or reverse twist
  • Naps: Naps refers to loose fluffy fibres of cotton cloth of plain weave by cutting and scraping the threads. These weakened threads enable the material to be easily torn. A fabric on which naps are produced is called “Raised fabric”
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