Published On: Sun, May 2nd, 2021

Saco Foods introduces Dolci Dippers Decorating Kits

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, a US-based specialty consumer packaged goods distributor, has introduced its first-ever seasonal Dolci Dippers Kit.

The kit includes the signature chocolate melting wafers of the Dolci brand, large pretzel rods for dipping, and autumn-themed sprinkles.

– vice president of sales and marketing at Saco Foods said: “We know that consumers don’t buy Dolci dipping chocolate alone, they buy it alongside pretzels, fruit, and to eat with it.

“We wanted to create a line of kits that saves our customers time and includes everything one needs for a fun, at-home activity.”

Saco Foods introduces Dolci Dippers Decorating Kits

Saco Foods introduces Dolci Dippers Decorating Kits. Photo courtesy of Saco Foods.

Saco Foods said the idea of the new product range was a result of the research done into its customer purchasing behavior. The Dolci melting wafer sales increased during seasonal events and holidays with people looking for ways to celebrate with reasonably priced desserts.

Furthermore, the Dolci Dippers Kit being microwaveable-safe and nut-free chocolate dip, it is an ideal choice for both families and teachers, claimed Saco Foods.

Saco Foods said the Dolci Dippers Fall Decorating Kit is the first release of the Dolci Dippers-themed decorating kits, with additional kits planned for later in the year.

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