Published On: Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019

Ridgewood Infrastructure acquires Texan natural gas utility SiEnergy

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Ridgewood acquisition of SiEnergy : US infrastructure investor Ridgewood Infrastructure has acquired Texan natural gas utility SiEnergy and its affiliated entities for an undisclosed price, as per the latest downstream .

SiEnergy is claimed to be one of the leading regulated companies in , catering to nearly 25,000 customers in the , -Fort Worth, and metropolitan regions.

Commenting on Ridgewood acquisition of SiEnergy, Michael Albrecht – Partner of Ridgewood Infrastructure said: “SiEnergy has distinguished itself as a partner of choice for communities across Texas.

“The Company’s best-in-class management team and field personnel have an impressive track record. SiEnergy has more than doubled its customer base over the last several years, and it has consistently delivered safe, clean, reliable and affordable natural gas.”

Ridgewood acquires SiEnergy

Ridgewood acquires SiEnergy. Image courtesy of adamr at

SiEnergy was founded in 1998 in a rural area located near Houston. Since then the Texan natural gas utility is said to have invested millions in pipelines, metering stations, and other equipment required to provide natural gas service to its customers

June Dively – CEO of SiEnergy, commenting on Ridgewood acquisition of SiEnergy, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Ridgewood, which has deep experience investing in and managing utility companies. Like us, Ridgewood is deeply committed to ensuring customer satisfaction remains the top priority as we grow.”

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