Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2013

Rhytidectomy : Surgical Procedure for Treating Wrinkles

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Rhytidectomy for treating Wrinkles

What is Rhytidectomy?

‘Rhytidectomy’ is a surgical procedure used in plastic surgery for face lifting by removing the fat between the nose and the mouth. Rhytidectomy also helps in tightening of the underlining muscles and helps in removing the wrinkles of the face and thereby appearing younger and pretty.

Conditions that need to be checked before undertaking Rhytidectomy:

The surgeon will check the following before undertaking the surgery.

  • Medications used by the patient
  • Clotting time of the blood and its related problems
  • Allergic conditions if any
  • Presence of any
  • and drinking
  • Acne

The patient will be checked for the above conditions as the surgery is a major one and may lead to several complications if not done properly.

The surgeon will also explain all the details to the patient before undertaking the procedure. The surgeon also prescribe a strict diet to the patient and restrict , smoking and to avoid certain Vitamins.

The procedure takes several hours and the surgeon may divide into separate sessions to complete it. Further it is also a costly procedure. In spite of the above draw backs the procedure helps the people to appear pretty and younger and increases the self confidence among them.

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