Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2018

REV Group to launch bullet-proof REV Guardian ambulance

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Auto industry news : US specialty vehicles manufacturer said that its unit will launch a new ambulance branded as REV Guardian that ill feature inbuilt ballistic protection for paramedics and EMTs.

REV Group said that the was designed to handle the growing threats that first responders have to deal with. The fully functioning ambulance, which has been wrapped in Level IIIA ballistic protection, offers protection for the entire bodies of first responders. This protection will be the similar to how the widely-issued ballistic vests and helmets shield the chest and head, said REV Group.

The REV Guardian ambulance comes with three main protection features – flat tires, ballistic glass and Level IIIA ballistic Kevlar.

REV Guardian ambulance

REV Guardian ambulance. Photo: Business Wire

The new bullet-proof ambulance can run on even flat tires which will help the crew to escape even if the tires of the vehicle are compromised thanks to its run flat tire inserts. REV Guardian ambulance features ballistic glass or bulletproof glass that shields what are otherwise the most vulnerable areas on the vehicle.

Also the REV Guardian ambulance is wrapped completely by an envelope of Level IIIA bullet-proof Kevlar fabric.

Commenting on the launch of REV Guardian ambulance, – President of the REV Ambulance Group said: “While it is unfortunate that this sort of ballistic protection is needed, the market has requested the development of an ambulance that does not look like an armored military vehicle and functions like a normal ambulance, while providing increased safety to crews if they are involved in potential active shooter situations.”

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