Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2019

ResMed acquires Korean home medical equipment provider HBH

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ResMed acquisition of HBH : ResMed, a manufacturer of cloud-connected sleep and respiratory care devices, has acquired -based home medical equipment provider HB Healthcare (HBH) for an undisclosed price.

HBH provides sleep and respiratory care devices to reimbursed and cash-pay customers in South Korea. ResMed plans to reach millions more through the Korean medical equipment provider and its broader network of distributor partners.

Commenting on ResMed acquisition of HBH, – ResMed Korea Sales and Marketing director, said: “ResMed has reaffirmed its leading role in Korea’s CPAP and respiratory care market, and commitment to improving millions of Koreans’ breathing and quality of life.

“With HBH and our valued distribution partners in Korea, ResMed can maximize the number of people who can enjoy the benefits of life-changing cloud-connected sleep and respiratory therapy.”

ResMed acquires Korean home medical equipment provider HBH

ResMed acquires Korean home medical equipment provider HBH. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

As per a study by Ansan Hospital, Korea University and the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of five Korean adults suffers from . ResMed feels that growing awareness in Koreans and their doctors can result in improved diagnosis rates, treatment and also overall outcomes.

ResMed offers a comprehensive variety of home ventilators via its distribution partners to patients. The ventilators are planned to be cloud-connectable in the course of this year.

Hong Seung Chul – HB Healthcare director of patient management, commenting on ResMed acquisition of HBH, said: “We’re excited to join the ResMed family and, together, help provide life-changing, cloud-connectable devices to millions of Koreans living with sleep apnea, COPD and other chronic diseases.”

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