Published On: Thu, Dec 12th, 2019

Pure Aqua to deliver industrial desalination systems for Saudi Arabia

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, a US-based company said that it has designed and manufactured a couple of industrial for Saudi Arabia, that have a combined production capacity of 3,600 m3/day, and can handle extremely high TDS (up to 45,000mg/l).

The company said that its industrial water treatment systems incorporate high-rejection RO technology, recovery, and advanced PLC control systems. Pure Aqua claimed that its desalination systems offer high dependability, productivity, and high-quality product water at low operating cost.

Pure Aqua is said to provide a broad variety of industrial water treatment systems to Saudi Arabia and other water-scarce countries.

The company is engaged in manufacturing pre-engineered and customized water purification systems such as brackish and seawater reverse osmosis, containerized water treatment solutions, ion exchange and water softeners, ultrafiltration, and cartridge and automatic media filters.

Pure Aqua industrial desalination systems for Saudi Arabia

Pure Aqua industrial desalination systems for Saudi Arabia. Photo courtesy of Pure Aqua,

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