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Psoralea for treating Skin Diseases and Other Uses

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Biological Name :

Family : Fabaceae

Synonyms of Psoralea:

  • Hindi – Babchi
  • Sanskrit – Sugandh kantak
  • English – Psoralea
  • Tamil – Kaarpokarishi
  • Marathi – Bavachya
  • Gujarathi – Baabchi
  • Telugu – Bhaavanchi vittulu
  • Bengali – Bakuchidaanaa
  • Kannada – Bavanchigidda
  • Malayalam – Karpokkart
The trade name of the psoralea is baabchi.

Psoralea is an erect herb with densely gland dotted branches. Flowers are bluish purple in colour. It is grown as weed and also cultivated throughout the . The useful parts of the plant are leaves, seeds and fruits.

Properties of Psoralea:

  • Anthelmintic
  • Diuretic
  • Oil powerful against diseases
Psoralea pinnata (Original: 157534675_f44ceee1...

Psoralea pinnata

Phytochemicals present in Psoralea:

The phytochemicals which are present in the psoralea are coumarins, flavones and terpenes.

Forms of use: It is used in the form of seed oil and extract.

Medicinal uses:

Psoralea in the treatment of Skin diseases:

  • The seeds contains an essential oil which is effective on bacteria which cause skin diseases.
  • The drug is used in leucoderma and leprosy as an external application as ointment and taken internally.
  • The oleoresinous extracts of the seeds are applied locally on leucoderma of monosyphilitic origin.
  • Neem oil has a moderate anti fungal activity.

Other Uses of Psoralea:

  • The seeds are useful for promoting the urination and also used as anthelmintic.
  • The roots are useful in dental caries.
  • The leaves are used in .
Powder – 1 to 3 g
Oil – Used externally
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