Published On: Tue, May 22nd, 2018

Nipah Virus Infection: Nipah Virus Infection Symptoms, Prevention

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Infection has become one of the mysterious and the deadly disease that claimed 11 lives in just few days in Kozhikode in Kerala.

Let us know what is Nipah virus, , Nipah virus cure, nipah virus prevention and how does it spread? Let us get into detail about the Nipah virus to prevent the deadly disease.

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is zoonotic and spreads from animals to humans. Nipah virus infection causes severe condition in animals and humans.

The natural host of Nipah virus are fruit bats of Pteropodidae family, Pteropus genus. Nipah virus infection is transmitted through direct contact with infected bats, pigs and other Nipah virus infected people. Nipah virus infection can be transmitted by physical contact and body fluidsof infected animals or people.

Nipah virus infection is a contagious disease and can spread from person to person.

Nipah virus symptoms

Let us see about nipah virus symptoms to identify the infection.

Nipah virus infection in humans can show a wide range of clinical presentations from being asymptomatic (no symptoms) to acute respiratory syndrome (cough, breathlessness and respiratory distress) and fatal encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).

Nipah virus infection symptoms start after an incubation period of 5-14 days after exposure to the virus.

Symptoms may range from usual headache and fever for 3-10 days followed by drowsiness, confusion, and altered sensorium.

The signs and symptoms of nipah virus infectoion progress rapidly and patient may go into coma and death in 24-48 hours. Nipah virus infection is a deadly disease with high mortality rate.

Nipah virus infection prevention

Nipah virus infection can be prevented by following personal hygiene and using masks. We need to avoid contact with infected animals and people.

No vaccine has been developed at present and very less research was carried out on the disease.

Nipah virus can be prevented by avoiding eating of fruits bitten by animals or birds (especially bat as it transmits disease). After contacting infected people, we need to wash the hands thoroughly. Cover yourself with masks and gloves while you are assisting infected patient. Personal hygiene is must to prevent the infection. Don not drink palm sap collected from infected regions.


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