Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2018

List of Blood Pressure Lowering Foods and Natural Blood Pressure Remedies

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Are you or your loved one suffering from High BP or and looking for natural remedies? Then you got to read this article for with the intake of and potassium rich foods. Remember nature has everything you need for a healthy living! Check out our list of magical blood pressure lowering herbs!

If you are under the impression that blood pressure medication is the only way to manage hypertension and related ailments, then here is something startling for you. A 50+ man who was on medication for more than 12 years, stunned his doctor by lowering his systolic blood pressure by 105 points in just 17 days. Is it really possible? You may not be aware that there many natural blood pressure lowering foods that work much better than medication. In fact, it is a widely known fact that pharma companies are deliberately suppressing awareness about the natural high blood pressure management.

Blood Pressure Lowering Herbs for Reducing High BP Naturally

No matter how severe your hypertension level is, nature has provided us with many natural blood pressure remedies that can bring down your blood pressure to normal levels almost instantly. However, you must be aware of the correct recipe of the blood pressure lowering herbs and some other important facts to take advantage of these age old natural blood pressure remedies. Basically calcium and potassium rich foods are natural blood pressure lowering foods. These foods negate the effect of high sodium content in blood and reduce the pressure. It is a no-brainer that reducing intake is the no.1 remedy to manage hypertension.

Foods that Lower High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Lowering Juice

Blood Pressure Lowering Juice

Chaksu Seeds For Reducing High BP Naturally

Also known as Cassia Absus, Chaksu is a remarkable Ayurvedic herb that can be used in powder form and consumed everyday for blood pressure management naturally. Check out more about Chaksu Seeds benefits and how they can act as a natural blood pressure remedy.

Beetroot for Reducing High BP Naturally

This humble root is a good source of potassium. Drinking beetroot juice can bring your blood pressure to normal levels within an hour of consumption.

Plain  for Reducing High BP Naturally

Make yogurt a part of daily diet and see the result in terms of normal blood pressure. However, c are should be taken in ensuring that no salt is added in it.

Good for High BP

The easiest and most convenient natural food that works wonders for reducing high blood pressure. People suffering from hypertension must east 1-2 bananas daily. However, if you are overweight then do not consume more than three bananas a day unless you have an exercise plan in place to burn the extra calories.

Kiwifruit for Reducing High BP Naturally

One kiwifruit a day will fulfill your 9% potassium requirement and daily consumption will remarkably reduce your BP.

Broccoli High in Potassium to Reduce High BP Naturally

Just on cup of broccoli will give you 14% of you daily potassium dose and thus is a great food to fight your high BP problems. Make it apart of your diet and see the results.

Sweet Potato High in Potassium to Reduce High BP Naturally

Consume sweet potato with and fulfill your 15% of potassium needs daily and maintain your blood pressure at normal levels.

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