Published On: Fri, May 15th, 2020

Mubadala, Tap Oil to take up development drilling in Manora oil field

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and Tap Oil will go ahead with a drilling campaign in the offshore Thailand, which will comprise three development wells MNA -25, MNA -26 and MNA-27.

The Manora oil field, which is located in the in the Northern Gulf of Thailand, has been in production since November 2014.

Drilling of the three development wells is part of the Manora 2020 development drilling campaign to be carried out with the 115 jack-up drilling rig (previously called Ensco 115).

Mubadala Petroleum and Tap Oil will also undertake a workover campaign in the Manora oil field. The partners are investing $13.48 million for the drilling and workover activities at the offshore Thai oil field.

The partners are said to have carried out a rigorous technical and commercial evaluation of multiple portfolio opportunities before agreeing to take up drilling, completion, and placing the three development wells into production.

To be drilled to up to 2,400 meters, the MNA-25 deviated development well will be drilled to a maximum depth of 2,400 meters. Its main objective will be to produce oil in the 600 series reservoirs of the Manora Central Fault block.

As per Mubadala Petroleum, the initial production rate at the MNA-25 well is estimated to be 1,100 barrels of oil per day (bopd).

Mubadala, Tap Oil to take up development drilling in Manora oil field in Gulf of Thailand

Mubadala, Tap Oil to take up development drilling in Manora oil field in . Image courtesy of Feydey/

The partners will be drilling the MNA-26 horizontal development well to a maximum of 2,225 meters in the Manora Eastern Fault Block. The primary objective of the MNA-26 well will be to draw possibly undrained oil in the 370-10 reservoir that was originally developed by the MNA-24 horizontal well in 2019.

The estimated initial production rate from the MNA-26 well as per Mubadala Petroleum is 1,100 bopd.

On the other hand, the MNA-27 development well will a new deviated well, which will be drilled from a new platform slot that will be identical to the MNA-22 well that was drilled in 2019. However, the MNA-22 well was not placed into production due to lack of cement bonding behind the production casing.

The MNA-27 well, which will be drilled to a maximum of 2,011 meters is estimated to initially yield 1,400 bopd.

The G1/48 concession partners will workover the MN-15 and MNA-7 wells in the Manora oil field. At the MN-15 well, an electric submersible pump will be replaced while the MNA-7 well will be converted into a water disposal well.

Mubadala Petroleum is the operator of the G1/48 block with a stake of 70%, while Tap Oil holds the remaining 30% stake.

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