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Medicinal Uses of the Enzymes Rennin, Casein and Fibrinolysin

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Significance of the Enzyme Rennin

Rennin is a partially purified, milk curdling, proteolytic enzyme. It is obtained from the glandular layer of the fourth or true digesting stomach of the calf, Bos taurus of the family Bovidae. Rennin has a peculiar odour and a characteristic saline taste. It is available as powder or also as scales. It is hygroscopic in nature and is yellowish white or greyish white in colour.

Production of rennin:

The glandular layers of digesting stomach of calf are minced and it is macerated with 0.5% sodium chloride solution, after that it is filtered. The filtrate is acidified with hydrochloric acid and this is saturated with sodium chloride to precipitate the rennin. Then rennin is separated, dried and powdered. It can also be prepared microbiologically by controlled fermentation of Endothia parasitica, Mucor pusillus and Bacillus cereus.

English: Bacillus cereus showing hemolysis on ...

English: Bacillus cereus showing hemolysis on sheep blood agar. B. cereus is a Gram-positive beta hemolytic bacteria, which may live in an environment with or without the presence of , i.e. facultative aerobe. 日本語: 血液寒天培地上のセレウス菌コロニー. Nederlands: Bacillus cereus op agar vermengd met schapenbloed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • It is used for the preparation of junkets and cheese.
  • Used to coagulate the milk.
  • So it makes the milk easily digestable for weak patients.

Significance and Uses of

Casein is a principal phospho protein in the milk and comprises of about 80% of total protein content of the milk.

This is the graphic of one casein protein. Thi...

This is the graphic of one casein protein. This diagram shows how is the strcuture of one casein protein of the type kappa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Types of Casein :

Acid Casein : The warm skimmed milk is acidified with dilute acid and the whey (watery part of the milk) is separated, the coagulated part (curd) is washed several times, dried and pulverised.

Rennet Casein : Skimmed milk is treated with the enzyme, rennet extract, the product is separated and purified. Casein is a white, slightly yellow, tasteless, odourless, amorphous solid, which is hygroscopic and stable when dry. It deteriorates rapidly when damp. It is a phosphoprotein and contains phosphorous and sulphur. It contains 15 amino acids and also rich in essential amino acids.

Uses :

  • Dietary source of supplement of protein in the pre and post operative care
  • Base in the standardisation of proteolytic
  • Emulsifying agent
  • It is used in the sizing of textile and paper industrially
  • Used as an adhesive
  • Used for preparing casein plastic and casein paints

Importance of the enzyme Fibrinolysin

Fibrinolysin is also called as plasmin. Fibrinolysin is a proteolytic enzyme obtained from the activation of human plasminogen by highly purified . Plasmin is also present in human serum. Plasmin is available as a white powder which is soluble in water. It loses its activity in solution form after 4-8 hours. It is stable in dried form.

Uses : It is used for treating thrombotic diseases as it has fibrinolytic activity.

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