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Measles (Rubella) – Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

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Causative Organism of :

Measles is caused by a virus named Paramyxovirus. It is also known as Rubella which means spots.

Measles virus (paramyxoviridae)

Measles virus (paramyxoviridae) (Photo credit: Sanofi Pasteur)

Measles causes major sickness and even the death of children in our country. The description of measles is first given by an Arab doctor named Abu Baqr.

Symptoms of Measles :

  • Sick feeling
  • Sneezing
  • Running nose
  • Redness of
  • Rashes

Thus, the symptoms of measles include fever, cough followed by a typical rash. Rash appears first behind the and it slowly spreads throughout the body. There is no carrier for this disease and transmission is by droplet infection i.e., through nasal discharge and saliva of the infected person. Measles mostly affect the children who are in the age group of 6 months to 3 years.

Measles. This child shows a classic day-4 rash...

Measles. This child shows a classic day-4 rash with measles. Español: sarampión Français : rougeole Português: sarampo Română: Rujeolă. Acest copil prezintă un caz clasic de ziua 4 de erupţii cutanate de rujeolă. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When there is disappearance of rash and fever, it indicates the termination of the disease. In some instances, it may persist for longer periods which causes reduction in the growth, mental deterioration and even paralysis. When the vaccination is taken, it reduces the incidence of the disease. Patient should be isolated for about a week, when rashes are seen. This reduces the spreading of the disease.

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