Published On: Mon, May 10th, 2021

Maruti Suzuki India to help ramp up production of Oxygen PSA plants

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Maruti Suzuki India (MSIL) said that it will provide its to help Airox Nigen Equipments and SAM Projects to ramp up their production of Oxygen PSA plants amid their drastically increasing demand due to the Covid-19 second wave in India.

According to the Indian car manufacturer, quick installation of Oxygen PSA plants will not only produce life-saving oxygen for Covid-19 patients but also cut down the logistical problems relating to the transport of the gas.

Maruti Suzuki India said that the Oxygen manufacturing plants are being made by small scale units with very inadequate resources or ability to boost production. The company said that Airox Nigen Equipments and SAM Gas Projects are being flooded with orders but are capable of manufacturing just 5-8 Oxygen PSA plants a month.

The automobile manufacturer along with its vendors will use their capabilities to quickly scale up production. Maruti Suzuki India said that its involvement will be on a no profit basis.

Airox Nigen Equipments, which has a factory in has been working with , a vendor of Maruti Suzuki India.

Maruti Suzuki India to help ramp up production of Oxygen PSA plants

Maruti Suzuki India to help ramp up production of Oxygen PSA plants. Photo courtesy of IM3847/

The car manufacturing company said that it could arrange new sources for Zeolite, an imported material that is highly important for an Oxygen PSA plant. The company will airfreight the commodity.

Maruti Suzuki India noted that compressors are another major bought-out component. Airox Nigen Equipments is said to have already reached an output of an Oxygen PSA plant a day and this number will be quickly scaled up to four per day within this month, to 50-60 plants.

On the other hand, SAM Gas Projects is being helped by Maruti Suzuki India’s vendor JBML. The car manufacturer is said to be helping with all critical inputs to help expected SAM Gas Projects produce 20-30 Oxygen PSA plants this month.

Maruti Suzuki India stated that alongside its vendors will procure oxygen plants from the two firms and donate them for medical use.

The company stated: “A separate MSIL team is working to ensure that the plants when produced are installed and commissioned as fast as possible.

“The top management of MSIL is involved in coordinating and monitoring this activity and hopes that it will make some difference in the national fight against COVID.”

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