Published On: Tue, Oct 25th, 2016

Martindale Pharma's clobazam oral suspension for Epilepsy approved

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UK based Martindale Pharma has secured a regulatory approval of its clobazam oral suspension medicine in seven European countries.

Branded as Epaclob, the global pharma company’s clobazam oral suspension has been approved in France, Iraland, Germany and .

In , and Iceland, the same clobazam oral suspension which is branded as Silocalm, has also got the regulatory approval.

Martindale Pharma CEO Michael Harris said: “Martindale Pharma is committed to developing and provide high quality innovative products to our customers and to in international markets. We are pleased to have received regulatory approval of our oral liquid formulation of clobazam in an additional seven European countries.

“Already an established product in the UK, this formulation not only allows for better ease of use, especially for , but will allow both prescribers and patients access to a much needed safe and cost-effective licensed oral liquid formulation when required.”

Martindale Pharma

Martindale Pharma

The Epaclob/Silocalm clobazam oral suspension which is based on Tapclob is claimed to be the first ever oral liquid suspension form of clobazam to get regulatory approval.

Martindale Pharma has made the clobazam oral suspension available under the brand name Tapclob, launched in May 2013.

Used primarily as an adjunctive therapy for epilepsy, the clobazam oral suspension. It is said to be suitable for both children and young adults.

Two strengths of Epaclob/Silocalm have been approved in 5mg/5ml and 10mg/5ml.

As per Martindale Pharma, Epaclob/Silocalm are packed with dosing syringes as well as dosage caps to assist in accurate dosing needed for better .

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