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Mandometer Device and Mandometer Treatment for Diet Control and Weight Loss

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A Mandometer device helps in , controlling and eating disorders. Want to know how it works? Then see our mandometer reviews and details about the mandometer treatment in our weight loss article.

Man is the only living being on earth that eats without actually feeling hungry. That is why you may  have noticed obesity only in humans. Fat animals are hardly visible. Even if you find a few, they are pets fed excessively by their owners. What we mean to discuss this point is that one of the main reasons of obesity among us is eating disorder or poor eating habits to be precise. It simply means that obese people usually have no control on their taste buds which leads to overeating and eventually obesity. That is exactly what Mandometer does not let you do. This is a simple device that works wonders in controlling and regulating our food habits. It is even more effective in controlling obesity in children as they find it fun to use the device while eating their meals.



What is a Mandometer?

It is a simple instrument developed after more than two decades of research on obesity and people’s eating habits. It is essentially  an interactive computer system that trains the user about how to eat and not what to eat which is better taken care of by dietitians. The device is attached to the plate that we use for food so that it can weigh the quantity of food. As you start eating, the machine detects that your speed is too fast and you get signals to slow down.

Why Mandometer is Required?

It has been observed that those who eat fast, tend to eat more than required by the body. In fact they don’t even realize that they are overeating. As their eating speed is fast, the brain does not receive the signals about full stomach on time. Our brain also takes some time judging whether the amount of food eaten by us is sufficient or not. By the time the brain confirms that the stomach is full, an obese person has already overeaten. This happens in teenagers and children and the habits continues in adulthood as well resulting in weight gain and obesity.

How Mandometer Works

As mentioned above, Mandometer controls your eating speed. Mandometer calculates your jaw speed while you chew your food and warns you if the speed is abnormal. It works on the principle that eating slow will result in eating less which will reduce obesity. You may not believe but this device works as the user starts eating less and stops exactly when the device indicates that the stomach is full.

Benefits of Mandometer

  • It inculcates good eating habits especially if the patient has a developed an overeating tendency. It is highly effective in controlling childhood obesity.
  • Regular usage of Mandometer, reduces BMI (Body Mass Index) which is your weight in kilograms (kg) divided by your height in meters. A person with BMI of more that 25 is considered overweight.
  • It increases good levels.

How to Use Mandometer

  1. Attach the scale to your the device and switch it on,
  2. Put an empty plate on the scale so that the machine measure the weight.
  3. Start adding food onto the plate until the machine reaches the desired point.
  4. Start eating and check Mandometer feedback about your eating pattern and how you can improve it for the best . There is another component of Mandometer treatment known as Thermal Treatment which will stop you from excessive physical activities that are often counterproductive. It also helps in rebuilding normal social interaction so that the patient can get the best effects in the fastest possible time.

Mandometer Treatment

It is a comprehensive treatment plan with personalized diet and meal plans as per the individual’s needs. The patient is given short and long term goals with realistic weight loss effects. Full schedule for sleeping, eating and physical activities is set keeping in mind various factors such as person’s routine activities and overall health. The patient can easily record his/her progress and work accordingly to achieve the desired results.

Where to get Mandometer Treatment

Founded by Dr. Cecilia Bergh and Prof. Per Södersten, this treatment is available in Australia, and the United States.

Addresses of Mandometer Clinic

, Au

412 Bay Street Brighton,

Melbourne 3186 Vic, Australia Phone: Fax: +61 3 9596 5728


11777 Bernardo Plaza Court

Suite 208 San Diego , CA 92128 Phone: Fax: 1-858-451-0808


Mandometer Hospital Box 4006

S-141 04 Huddinge , Sweden Phone: 46 8 556 406 00 Fax: 46 8 556 406 10

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