Published On: Tue, Apr 27th, 2021

Magnit begins owns express delivery service from Magnit Cosmetic stores

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Russian supermarket chain has launched its own express delivery service from Magnit Cosmetic stores in eight cities in Russia.

The retailer plans to add six more cities for the delivery service by the end of the month.

Magnit said that it has connected its cosmetic stores across Moscow, Kazan, Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, and Voronezh to the delivery service which was evaluated previously in Krasnodar.

In the coming few days, the retailer will look to connect Ufa, Perm, Nizny Novgorod, Izhevsk, Orenburg, and Tyumen to the service.

Magnit claims that customers can buy and get home delivery for up to 10,000 items of the Magnit Cosmetic range, which include household chemicals, health and beauty goods, make-up, and perfumes.

Magnit begins owns express delivery service from Magnit Cosmetic stores

Magnit begins owns express delivery service from Magnit Cosmetic stores. Photo courtesy of PJSC Magnit.

Customers can book an order through the Magnit Dostavka mobile app, and the goods will be delivered within 60-90 minutes, said the Russian retailer. When placing an order, a customer can select a store from which it is better to get the goods delivered.

The express delivery service project has been launched by Magnit in partnership with Yandex.Eda service.

While the delivery is free, the minimum order is RUB 500 with the payment to be made only online. The retailer is offering identical prices and discounts for the internet service to those found in its brick-and-mortar chain stores.

– Magnit Deputy CEO and Executive Director said: “In April, we started to roll out our own express delivery service of products from Magnit Convenience stores in regions, and now we are taking the delivery from Magnit Cosmetic stores beyond Krasnodar. In the nearest future, we plan to launch regular delivery from large formats in regions.”

Recently, the Russian retailer launched its express delivery service in 14 more cities in the country.

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