Published On: Mon, Dec 7th, 2020

Maersk Integrator jack-up rig to be deployed for OMV in PL 970, Norway

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has bagged a one-well contract worth around $14.3 million from OMV (Norge) for using its Maersk Integrator jack-up rig for drilling in the Ommadawn prospect in PL 970 in Norwegian waters.

The jack-up rig will drill an exploration well in the prospect with the contract expected to begin in mid-2021. It is estimated to have a duration of 52 days, stated the Danish drilling rig operator.

The firm contract value includes costs for mobilization of the Maersk Integrator jack-up rig, while excluding integrated services provided by Maersk Drilling and also potential performance bonuses.

Maersk Drilling said that the contract also includes an option to add nearly 28 days of well testing.

Presently, the Maersk Integrator jack-up rig is being upgraded to combine the use of hybrid power with low levels of NOx emissions and data intelligence to further cut down consumption and emissions of CO2.

Photo of the Maersk Integrator jack-up rig

Maersk Integrator jack-up rig owned by Maersk Drilling

Maersk Integrator jack-up rig owned by Maersk Drilling. Photo courtesy of MAERSK DRILLING.

The performance bonus schemes that are part of the drilling contract with OMV are based on rewarding reduced fuel consumption and lower NOx emissions during operations.

– COO of Maersk Drilling said: “We’re pleased to add this additional work scope for Maersk Integrator in 2021, and to enter into a new type of collaborative contractual set-up with OMV where we will focus on aligning incentives in the planning and execution of the drilling operation which again is expected to significantly reduce the uncertainty about overall well construction costs for our customer.

“We believe this kind of commercial model has the potential to increase exploration drilling activity in Norway and across the North Sea.”

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