Published On: Tue, Jun 8th, 2021

Lupin Limited launches Digital Asthma Educator platform in India

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Indian pharma company Lupin Limited has launched its , which is said to guide asthma on the right technique of using inhalers.

The new digital asthma platform is the latest initiative under Lupin’s Joint Airways Initiative (JAI) program for patients having respiratory ailments.

Lupin said that there an estimated 35 million or so people with asthma, including children, in India. Although there is no cure for asthma, it can be managed with proper , drug adherence, vigilance, and regular medical checks to help patients live a normal life, said the Indian pharma company.

As per studies, improper use of inhalers usually prevents effective treatment of chronic respiratory ailments which results in poor clinical control and ultimately in poor patient health outcome. Owing to this, it is crucial for patients to know the correct inhalation technique for better management of their respiratory ailments, said Lupin.

Lupin Limited launches Digital Asthma Educator platform in India

Lupin Limited launches Digital Asthma Educator platform in India. Photo courtesy of Bob from Pixabay.

Rajeev Sibal – President – India Region Formulations, Lupin said: “In our constant endeavour to assist patients in their journey to manage their ailment, we are proud to launch India’s first Digital Asthma Educator which would guide patients on correct inhalation technique along with various value-added services, thus assisting them to breathe better. Studies indicate that nearly 90% of patients don’t use their inhalers correctly.

“This can have multiple implications such as developing uncontrolled symptoms, a higher rate of asthma attacks or even flare-ups. We believe this platform would assist healthcare professionals in significantly helping their patients understand correct inhalation technique and better manage their ailment.”

Recently, Lupin incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary called Lupin Digital Health Limited to operate its new digital healthcare business.

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