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Know how to deal with skin rashes in babies

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care is an essential step for babies overall health as they have delicate skin and is prone to many compared to adults.

Weather change like heat, cold, rain will also impact the sensitive skin of babies in many ways. Heat rashes or diaper rashes are common among babies and proper care should be taken to deal with these rashes.

Heat rashes are a common problem in babies that occur mainly in summer and humid seasons. Excessive heat and sweat gets trapped in the skin folds and result in rash.

Diaper rashes are caused if diaper is small and tight.

Other cases of rashes may result due to chemicals in baby products. So the products which are natural and mild should be used to maintain the healthy pH of baby’s skin.

So select the products that contain natural ingredients and are chemical-free for babies. The natural ingredients soothe the and accelerated the healing of baby’s skin.

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Calamine is an effective component to deal with wounds and skin rashes. It contains zinc oxide that reduces red bumps. Calamine infused lotions can be applied on the irritated skin after bath or anytime during day on clean skin.


Neem is known for its antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It relieves itching and soothes skin as well as protects the baby’s skin from infections.


Vetiver keeps the baby’s skin cool and fresh by managing excessive sweating with his astringent property. You can also apply prickly heat powder with neem and vetiver after giving bath. This powder keeps baby’skin cool and free from heat.

Aloe Vera acts as an antibacterial agent and an astringent to accelerate healing of baby skin. Aloe Vera in combination with oil and Yashada Bhasma helps to treat diaper rashes. Aloe Vera cream infused with these ingredients can be applied after bath and during every diaper change.

Baby’s skin should be well hydrated by using a lotion or cream infused with natural ingredients like mustars, calamine, nutgrass and aloe vera to soothe the skin rashes and to nourish the skin.

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