Published On: Sun, Mar 21st, 2021

JBS Group’s Seara to introduce frozen fish and seafood products in Brazil

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Brazilian food processing company said that its brand is foraying into the fish and seafood segment in Brazil with a portfolio of 10 products.

The Seara brand will roll out the new products by the end of the first quarter of this year in time with mid-Lent.

The products include Tilapia Fish Fillets, Salmon Steaks, and Salmon Chunks. The range also has the Paella Kit, Mussels, Squid Rings and four products of Shrimp, of which one of them is breaded.

JBS Group said that the range covers a range of individually frozen fish and seafood, which lets consumers to use only what they require and store the remaining for later.

JBS Group’s Seara forays into fish and seafood segment in Brazil.

JBS Group’s Seara forays into fish and seafood segment in Brazil. Photo courtesy of JBS.

– fish business director of Seara at JBS Group said that the company decided to foray into the sector due to the increasing consumption of this type of protein in Brazil.

“Following the launches, the objective is to establish the company as the leading fish company in Brazil. We will use the Company’s entire logistics and sales structure to reach Brazilian tables with certified products that combine the characteristic attributes of the brand, such as quality, innovation, healthiness and sustainability”, said: Sandro Facchini.

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