Published On: Thu, Nov 12th, 2020

Indigo Man launches anti-aging skin care mask for men

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Indigo Man has launched an anti-aging skin care mask for men, which has been made available to pre-order on US crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

The company said that the ready-to-use skincare mask has been designed by dermatologists for keeping men looking young. The skin care mask while reducing wrinkles, also ensures that even the most rugged, bearded male is moisturized and looks young, claimed Indigo Man.

The Indigo Man anti-aging skin care mask comes in a ready-to-use custom fitted sheet. It is said to use hyaluronic acid, which gives deep moisturizing benefits to help users notice an immediate effect.

The mask’s shape is made specially for the sized faces that men have, which is different from women’s in considerable ways, to give a perfect fit every time.

Indigo Man launches anti-aging skin care mask for men

Indigo Man launches anti-aging skin care mask for men. Photo courtesy of Indigo Man.

According to Indigo Man, users can see immediate results following first use, as their skin will be nourished, shiny, and silky. After just 7-10 uses, overall improvement of the skin and smoothing of the wrinkles can be expected by the users.

Dmitri Churakov – CEO of Indigo Man said: “Skin care is not only for women anymore, as millions of men around the globe also want to look young and fresh and Indigo Man is bringing this trend to the masses.

“With its powerful combination of ingredients, easy-to-use application and fantastic results, we want every man to be an Indigo Man.”

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