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How to take care of hair during monsoon – Monsoon hair care tips

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Below listed are the hair care tips for monsoon

Hair cleansing

One should clean their hair properly and is the first and the most important prerequisite for the beautiful hair.

Hair cleansing is the process of cleaning the scalp of sebum, sweat and desquamated stratum corneum, environmental dirt, styling hair products and preventing development of seborrheic dermatitis and folliculitis.

Select the shampoo that suits best for your scalp and hair to wash your hair carefully. Shampoo with low amount of chemicals and rich in moisturizing properties should be selected.

If yours is oily hair type, select a dryer shampoo. To dry your wet hair, do not use heated styling appliances like straightening irons and hair dryers as they cause chemical and structural damage to hair due to fast evaporation.

The human hair shaft is made up of cortex with a central axial medulla and outer cuticular layer which may get damaged by the use of heated styling appliances.

Hair Care Tips

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As per the experts, the hair dryer should be used from a distance of 15 cm with continuous motion for lesser damage.

Combing of wet hair may result in increase of hair fall as the pores are soft and the tugging from the comb causes the hair to come out of the scalp. So comb your hair only after the hair is free from moisture content and then comb gently.

Comb your hair easily by dividing the hair into many small groups of strands instead of combing all together.

Avoid hot water for your hair as the direct shower under hot water makes the scalp and hair dry by removing the essential . Use lukewarm water for washing hair.

Tie your hair loose as tying the hair tightly can cause the hair to pull at the scalp making it to break. Those who braid the hair always should tie it loose from the scalp or the roots get damaged and prevent .

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