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How to Burn Calories Slowly?

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Upma - an Indian dish made of wheat Rava (semo...

Upma – an Indian dish made of wheat Rava (semolina) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We need to control the intake of calories slowly by following some below mentioned tips:

  • The food consisting of oil, fats and carbohydrates have high amount of calories, so if we consume the food containing oil, fats and carbohydrates we consume high calories. Each tea spoonful of oil has 45 calories and one table spoonful of oil has 135 calories. So we have to reduce the amount of oil in breakfasts and in preparing curries, so that we can reduce some calories.
  • Ground nuts contains high percentage of calories. In breakfasts like idli or dosa, we can have tomato pickle or pickle instead of groundnut pickle. If we follow this, we can reduce about 150 calories.
  • It is better to take boiled eggs than fried eggs, by this 75 calories can be reduced.
  • It is good to boil instead of making fries with the like bringal, ladys finger, cauliflower and cabbage. It reduces the calories by about 100.
  • Instead of oily snacks like bajjis,chips and samosas in the evening times, it is advised to eat 1 cup of flaked rice. It gives only 65 calories where as bajjis give 200 calories. We can also eat 1 cup of popcorn, it also gives only 65 calories. Pieces of wheat brown bread gives about 70 calories.
  • Semiya Upma gives high amount of calories. Upma made from wheat flakes is healthy. Instead of oily tiffins like puri, dosa, vada one has take tiffins like flaked rice upma,pulkas, rotis etc. From the pulkas we get 150 calories only. From puris we consume 240 calories.
  • Grilled dishes are good for health instead of fries. also have high calories.
  • From rice and rotis we get 80% of the calories. So the above tips are to be followed.
  • One has to eat the seasonal fruits which are available in that season. By taking light breakfast and if exercises are done for 45 minutes, we can prevent the obesity.
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