Published On: Sun, Mar 22nd, 2020

Health Recovery Solutions launches telehealth COVID-Kit across US

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Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), a US-based provider of telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions, said that its telehealth COVID-Kit is available to all providers.

The company said that its COVID-Kit is a variation of its PatientConnect Complete solution and comes standard with a 10” Samsung tablet having pre-downloaded telehealth software, Bluetooth pulse ox, Bluetooth thermometer, and Bluetooth blood pressure cuff.

Pre-downloaded on all COVID-Kits, Health Recovery Solutions’ COVID-19 Clinical Pathways include a COVID-19 screening tool, custom education, symptom management surveys, and accompanying clinical best practices on symptom survey cadence and also real-time video visits.

– Director of FirstHealth Home Care said: “We have every telehealth kit deployed so that we can maximize our virtual connection across the span of this outbreak. Connecting virtually with our most vulnerable and medically complex patients allows us to quickly identify signs and symptoms of Coronavirus and work efficiently with the patient’s PCP to deliver the most appropriate care.

“The tools that HRS has created are game-changers and vital to the way we care for patients in this new and rapidly evolving environment. We, at FirstHealth Home Care, are grateful to HRS for the technical and clinical guidance.”

Health Recovery Solutions launches telehealth COVID-Kit across US

Health Recovery Solutions launches telehealth COVID-Kit across US. Photo courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Health Recovery Solutions said that it has sent thousands of its COVID-Kits to providers across the US, several of whom are in areas having high cases of COVID-19, which include , New , Florida, New Jersey, and .

Health Recovery Solutions expects demand for its coronavirus detection kits to grow tremendously in the coming weeks as capacity issues continue to surge.

Jarrett Bauer – Health Recovery Solutions CEO said: “Our focus is to help health systems and home health agencies build capacity.

“The walls of the hospital have broken down. Patients are starting to be turned away from care because of the lack of space in the hospital or clinic. By leveraging the COVID-Kit or HRS’ Mobile solution, providers are able to deliver care to their patients remotely.”

According to Health Recovery Solutions, of all the solutions that it offers, the highest demand has been for PatientConnect Mobile, which is its bring your own device (BYOD) solution. The company claimed that several of its clients have been using the COVID-Mobile option for mass triage of patients and also as delivery of routine care.

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