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Health and Science Trivia Questions – 11

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Quiz Questions in Science and

1. Name the alkaline fluid produced in the liver?

2. What is a cluster of bananas called?

3. What are milk teeth?

4. What is the trunk or stem of a tree called?

5. What kind of an eye is referred to as aphakia?

6. Which stimulates lactation i.e production of milk?

7. What is an animal having eight limbs called?

8. The pneumonia refers to the inflammation of which part of the body?

9. What are the parts of the ?

10. Medically speaking, what is CPR?


Octopus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Answers for the above Quiz-11

5. An eye in which there is no lens, as after surgery

2. A hand

4. Bole

10. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation, for sudden collapse

6. Prolactin

1. Bile

8. The lungs

3. The child’s first set of 20 teeth

9. Ascending, transverse and descending colon, rectum

7. Octopad eg: Octopus

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