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Health Hazards of Smoking

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Cigar Constituents and reasons for getting addicted to cigarettes

Some people are addicted to the habit of cigarettes, cigars and beedis. These cigars and cigarettes are made of tobacco leaf. This tobacco leaf contains a chemical substance called as nicotine, which stimulates the nervous system. People become addicted to smoking to get this stimulation.

Adverse effects of Nicotine

The nicotine is poisonous to the human body. It enters the body while smoking and weakens the lungs and cause a number of diseases.

Hazards of Smoking

Many chemicals are present in the tobacco and many gases enter the body during smoking along with the nicotine. One of the important gases among them is carbon monoxide that interferes with the transport of oxygen in the body and causes certain heart diseases. Prolonged smoking causes changes in the colour of the teeth. It may also cause bronchitis.

Half of the percentage of the people who die with lung are mainly smokers. Majority of the people who die with heart problems are also smokers only. If the people smoke till the end of the cigarette lighted inside the mouth, they may be prone to the cancer of the mouth and the tongue. Non smokers also get affected due to the inhalation of the smoke released by the cigarettes of the smokers when they are beside them.

It is realised world-wide that smoking is injurious not only to the smokers but also to the non smokers. Efforts are being made to reduce the habit of smoking universally. Law has been made to prohibit smoking in public places like railway compartments, buses, cinema halls and air conditioned rooms.

Eradication of Smoking

To eradicate this evil of smoking, government, voluntary agencies and many individuals are working towards achieving this goal. Publicity is given to avoid smoking in social and paper media like tv, radio, fm, internet and paper etc,. Warning is also printed on cigarette packets as “smoking is injurious to ”.

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