Published On: Sat, Jan 20th, 2018

HairSil HairCare relaunches HairSil Accelerator hair care product range

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Products has announced the relaunch of the HairSil Accelerator brand of hair care products to help consumers wanting to accelerate hair growth or those having the hair loss problem.

HairSil Accelerator Hair Care Product Range

The HairSil Accelerator product range will feature Shampoo Accelerator, Serum and Treatment Extra Strength. These hair care products will be joined by the newly introduced Accelerator Conditioner and HairSil Maintenance System.

The HairSil Accelerator product range was previously available at Walmart, Meijer and throughout the United States. Now the hair care products can be pre-ordered through the websites of the company and the brand.

HairSil HairCare HairSil Accelerator hair care products

HairSil HairCare HairSil Accelerator hair care products (PRNewsfoto/HairSil HairCare Products LLC)

HairSil HairCare Products says that the HairSil Accelerator products have been relaunched in attractive re-packages in English and Spanish. The hair care product manufacturer further says that HairSil Accelerator is marketed directly to consumers suffering from alopecia and other hair growth problems.

Commenting on the HairSil Accelerator relaunch, Jose Reyes – Founder of HairSil, said: “HairSil has done an outstanding job in helping transform damaged hair to an optimal state of health. We are proud that we are able to offer our customers affordable value-added products that work.”

HairSil HairCare News Update

In addition to the relaunch of HairSil Accelerator, the hair care product manufacturer has also opened a new office located in Southlake, Texas.

About the Hair Care Product Manufacturer Hairsil Haircare

HairSil HairCare Products, which was founded in 2011, had developed a clinically proven therapeutic formula to help in healthy hair growth in the form of Pisum Sativum, a Green Pea extract. The hair care product manufacturer says that the natural protein contained in HairSil, is clinically proven to help hair growth.

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