Published On: Wed, Mar 21st, 2018

The Surprising Health Benefits of Indian Green Chilies!

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Most of us use green chilies for spicing up our dishes and we tend to leave them aside in our plate. Of course, some people do tend to eat hot green chilies much to the amusement of others. Well in fact, it is good to eat them as you will get to know from the many surprising green chilies health benefits we have listed here for you. Also find out about the green chili vitamins and how green chili can be your natural weight loss food!

Green Chilies  are one of the most common ingredients used in the preparation of various types of food items especially in the Eastern world. Due to various health benefits of green chilies, they are increasingly being accepted as an essential agent in western dishes as well. Lets take a look at various health benefits of green chili and I am sure you will make it a habit to use them in your daily meals.

Healing Benefits of Indian Green Chilies

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, green chilies have amazing healing properties. Half a cup of cut green chilies contain 181 mg of Vitamin C which is more than sufficient to fulfill our daily requirement of this vitamin. Daily consumption of chilies helps our metabolism and various other functions that boost  the healing effect. Depending upon your needs and preferences, you can eat more chilies for faster effect and enhanced taste. However, care should be taken not to exceed the limit as that may be counter productive.

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Green Chillies

Green Chilies Help in Preventing:

  • Hypertension
  • Some Types of
  • Bone Diseases

Green Chili Role As a Food to Control Bleeding

In case of excess bleeding due to injuries or any reason, you may risk your life .In such situations, Vitamin K plays an important role in prevention of blood clotting and oozing of blood. It is a hemorrhagic vitamin and is abundant in Green Chilies. So if you eat green chillies daily, your internal systems will have abundant quantity of vitamin K which will prevent excess bleeding.

Green Chilies, An Eyesight Improving Food!

Green chilies work wonders in improving our eye sight. Make it a part of our daily diet if you want to have better vision . It is a rich source of Vitamin A which maintains the health of our eyes. Half a cup of  green chilies will give you 884 IU of Vitamin A. This improves red blood cell functions and improve the overall health of eyes.

Green Chilies for Healthy Digestion and Boosting Metabolism

In addition to v itamins, green chilies are full of nutritious fibers that are required for healthy digestion. As per reports, half a cup of green chilies fulfills 6% of our daily requirement of fiber. Also known as Mirchi in and surrounding countries, this household herb plays an important role in  easy digestion. Chilies removes toxins and waste materials from our body. Green chilies are also proven to increase our metabolism rate naturally and thus play a role in weight loss as well!

Other Health Benefits of Green Chillies

  • As Vitamin C is present abundantly in green chilies, people consuming it regularly , will enjoy healthy, shining and flawless  .
  • Green Chilies will boost your immunity, so that you can prevent the attack of common allergies and protect yourself from many common ailments.
  • Green Chilies are also helpful in preventing and cold. In fact,  many reports confirm its lung cancer prevention properties as well.
  • It helps in excess secretion of saliva which is helpful in easy digestion and prevention of many  digestive problems.
  • Medicinal properties of Green Chillies are helpful in prevention of wrinkles. It is therefore used as an agent in various types of products.
  • Green Chillies plays a vital role in eliminating the toxins from your body and preventing constipation.

So instead of considering green chilies as spicy , add them to your diet and enjoy its health benefits . It will not only enhance the taste of your food but will also boost your health.

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