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How can we treat Gout at Home?

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What is Gout?

Gout is a metabolic disorder affecting the joint of the big toe and sometimes the ankle joint causing inflammation in that area.The inflammation is associated with pain and swelling.

Gout is caused due to variety of causes :

  • Wearing wrong shoes
  • Eating a diet rich in fats
  • Bad chill
  • Surgery in some other part
  • Chronic emotional anxiety
  • When are used

Pathogenesis of :

Gout (podagra) in the big toe of a 50 year old...

Gout (podagra) in the big toe of a 50 year old male (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gout is caused due to deposition of uric acid crystals in the joint tissues and fluids producing inflammation, swelling and pain of the joints. In the normal metabolism of proteins in the body, the end products urea, purines and creatinine are eliminated through urine. The main end product is urea a crystalline compound excreted through urine. But to faulty nutrition in gout patients the uric acid is produced in high levels and accumulated in the blood. The kidneys fail to expel the large quantities thereby uric acid crystals are deposited in the joint tissues producing the symptoms of gout.

It is treated by the special medication prescribed by a physician.

Preventing the attack of Gout:

  • Avoid non vegetarian food especially purine rich diet, fats legumes, cauliflower and mushrooms.
  • Reduce alcohol intake.
  • Exercise programs to reduce weight in obese persons.
  • Regular check up and blood tests.

Alternate methods for treating Gout:

  • Hot and cold fomentations of the affected joints reduce pain and swelling and help the patient to feel comfortable. An electric hot pad can conveniently be used. Alternately if hot pad is not available hot water fomentation can be given with a napkin. Cold fomentation can be given with ice packs used to pack the vaccines, hormones and other perishables to keep cool.
  • Ayurvedic and homeopathy can be tried under treatment with qualified people.
  • Supplements like Vitamin C, and Vitamin K can also be taken under doctor’s guidance.

Desi Herbal Tips for Arthritis or Gout

  • Boil 10 ml of mustard oil with one moderate pack of garlic bulb and apply on the affected parts 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Massage with camphor oil 3 or 4 times a day on the affected parts.
  • Apply warm mustard oil on the affected parts at the time of best rest and cover them with datura leaves overnight. Continue to do it for 15 days. Repeat again if required.
  • Massage with turpentine oil or eucalyptus oil 3 or 4 times a day on the affected part. Cover this portion with a wet towel and gradually pour hot water from kettle on it. It gives great relief.
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