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Exercise Induced Asthma patients gets relief with Caffeine

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What is Exercise Induced ?

Some people having asthma get an attack when they do exercise. This is referred as Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA).

This is generally a problem of young people than the adults.

Causes of Asthma:

The main reason for getting an attack of asthma is due to the fact of increasing the respiratory rate by exercise. Exercise is one among the many reasons to get an attack of asthma. The other reasons are as follows:

1. Infectious diseases like common colds, , and other respiratory tract infections.

2. Allergic conditions like dust, pollen, certain sprays, etc.

3. Cigarette smoke, irritant gases like Sulphur dioxide.

4. Sudden exposure to cold atmosphere from warm places.

5. Certain drugs can also induce an asthma attack.

6. Stress can also induce an attack of asthma.

Exercise Induced Asthma patients gets relief with Caffeine

Exercise Induced Asthma patients gets relief with Caffeine

Research on Exercise Induced Asthma Patients:

A study made at University revealed that Caffeine taken within one hour of exercise can reduce an attack of exercise induced asthma. A dose of 9 mg/ per kilogram body weight is effective to reduce an attack. This dose is equivalent to Albuterol inhaler.

This research also revealed that diets rich in fish oil and antioxidants, low in salts can also help in reducing the severity of EIA. They opined that prolonged use of medications can result in reduced efficacy of the drugs associated with increased side effects. In this context this research findings has gained an importance.

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